Famous Discoveries and Inventions

Famous Inventions and Discoveries

(Updated 22 Jan 2014)

Ø  Thermometer  =>  Galileo (Italy) in the year 1593

Ø Knitting Machine  =>  William Lee (England) in the year 1589

Ø Telescope  =>  Hans Lippershey (Netherland) in the year 1608

famous invention
famous discoveries and inventions

Ø Calculating Machine  =>  Blaise Pascal (France) in the year 1642

Ø Pendulum Clock  =>  Christian Huygens (Netherland) in the year 1656

Ø Pressure Cooker  =>  Denis Papin (France) in the year 1675

Ø Steam Engine  =>  Thomas Newcomen (England) in the year 1712

Ø Mercury Thermometer  =>  Gabriel Fahrenheit (Germany) in the year 1714

Ø Parachute  =>  Louis Lenormand (France) in the year 1783

Ø Power Loom  =>  Edmund Cartwright (England) in the year 1785

Ø Sewing Machine  =>  Thomas Saint (England) in the year 1790

Ø Electric Battery  =>  Count Alessandro Volta (Italy) in the year 1800

Ø Steam Locomotive  =>  Richard Trevithick (England) in the year 1804

Ø Bicycle  =>  Karl von Sauerbronn (Germany) in the year 1816

Ø Camera  =>  Joseph Niepce (France) in the year 1822

Ø Digital Calculator  =>  Charles Babbage (England) in the year 1823

Ø Electromagnet  =>  William Sturgeon (England) in the year 1825

Ø Photograph (permanent)  =>  Joseph Niepce (France) in the year 1826

Ø Match  =>  John Walker (England) in the year 1827

Ø Blast Furnace  =>  James Neilson (Scotland)in the year 1828

Ø Revolver  =>  Samuel Colt (USA) in the year 1836

Ø Telegraph  =>  Samuel F.B.Morse (USA) in the year 1837

Ø Vulcanized Rubber  =>  Charles Goodyear(USA) in the year 1839

Ø Safety Match  =>  Gustave Pasch (Sweden) in the year 1844

Ø Sewing Machine  =>  Elias Howe (USA) in the year 1846

Ø Safety Pin  =>  Walter Hunt (USA) in the year 1849

Ø Bunsen Burner  =>  Robert Bunsen (Germany) in the year 1855

Ø Refrigerator  =>  Ferdinand Carre (France) in the year 1858

Ø Washing Machine  =>  Hamilton Smith (USA) in the year 1858

Ø Rapid fire Gun  =>  Richard Gatling (USA) in the year 1862

Ø Dynamite  =>  Alfred Nobel (Sweden) in the year 1866

Ø Typewriter  =>  Christoper Sholes (USA) in the year 1867

Ø Telephone  =>  Alexander Graham Bell (Scotland) in the year 1876

Ø Phonograph  =>  Thomas Edison (USA) in the year 1877

Ø Microphone  =>  David Edward Hughes (USA) in the year 1878

Ø Fountain Pen  =>  Lewis Waterman (USA) in the year 1884

Ø Motorcycle  =>  Edward Butler (England) in the year 1885

Ø Vacuum Flask  =>  William Stanley (USA) in the year 1885

Ø Electric Transformer  =>  Schuyler Wheeler (USA) in the year 1886

Ø Gramophone  =>  Emile Berliner (Germany/USA) in the year 1887

Ø Motor-car engine  =>  Gottlieb Daimler & Karl Benz (Germany), independently, in the year 1887

Ø Kodak Camera  =>  George Eastman (USA) in the year 1888

Ø Zip fastener  =>  Whitcomb Judson (USA) in the year 1892

Ø Wireless  =>  Guglielmo Marconi (Italy) in the year 1895

Ø Safety Razor  =>  King C. Gillette (USA) in the year 1895

Ø Diesel Engine  =>  Rudolf Diesel (Germany) in the year 1897

Ø Submarine  =>  John P. Holland (Ireland/USA) in the year 1898

Ø Tape Recorder  =>  Waldemar Poulsen (Denmark) in the year 1899

Ø Aeroplane  =>  Wilbur & Orville Wright (USA) in the year 1903

Ø Tank  =>  Ernest Swinton (England) in the year 1914

Ø Automatic Rifle  =>  John Browning (USA) in the year 1918

Ø Television  =>  John Logie Baird (Scotland) & others in the year 1925

Ø Rocket (liquid fuel)  =>  Robert H. Goddard (USA) in the year 1926

Ø Jet Engine  =>  Frank Whittle (England) in the year 1930

Ø Nylon  =>  Wallace Carothers (USA) in the year 1935

Ø Radar  =>  Robert Watson Watt (Scotland) in the year 1935

Ø Auto-digital Computer  =>  Howard Aiken (USA) in the year 1944

Ø Electronic Computer  =>  J. Presper Eckert & John W. Mauchly (USA) in the year 1946

Ø Transistor  =>  John Bardeen, Walter Brattain & William Shockley (USA) in the year 1948

Ø Long Playing Record  =>  Chester Carlson (USA) in the year 1948

Ø Solar Battery  =>  D. Pearson, C. Fuller & G. Pearson (USA) in the year 1954

Ø Contraceptive pill  =>  Gregory Pincus & others, (USA) in the year 1955

Ø Videotape recording  =>  A. Poniatoff (USA) in the year 1956

Ø Laser  =>  Theodore Maiman (USA) in the year 1960

Ø Radium  =>  Marie and Pierrie Curie

Ø Adhesive Tape  =>  Richard G. Drew

Ø Blue Jeans  =>  Levi Strauss

Ø Basketball Game  =>  James Naismith

Ø Barometer  =>  Torricelli

Ø Bismuth  =>  Valentine

Ø Celluloid  =>  A.Parker

Ø Cement  =>  Joseph Aspdin

Ø Chronometer  =>  John Harrison

Ø Crescograph  =>  J.C.Bose

Ø CAT-Scans ( Diagnostic X-Ray systems )  =>  Robert Ledley

Ø Dynamo  =>  Michael Faraday

Ø Electric Lamp  =>  Thomas alva Edison

Ø Electric razor  =>  Jacob Schick

Ø Electro-cardiograph  =>  William Einthoven

Ø Existence of isotopes  =>  Frederick Soddy

Ø Four blood groups  =>  Karl Landsteiner

Ø Glider  =>  Sir George Caley

Ø Law of gravitation  =>  Sir Isaac Newton

Ø Laws of floating bodies  =>  Archimedes

Ø Manganese  =>  Gahn

Ø Microwave oven, 1946  =>  Percy Spencer

Ø Microscope  =>  Aaton Van Leewen Hock

Ø Nickel  =>  Cronstledt

Ø Nuclear reactor  =>  Enrico Ferni

Ø Nylon  =>  Dr.Wallace H.Carors

Ø Ory of relativity  =>  Albert Einstein

Ø Radio valve  =>  Sir J.A.Fleming

Ø Radioactivity  =>  Henry Bacquerel

Ø Rayon  =>  Sir Joseph Swann

Ø Refrigerator  =>  J.Perkins

Ø Revolver  =>  Samuel Colt

Ø Safety matches  =>  J.E.Lundstrom

Ø Sodium  =>  Sir Humphry Davy

Ø Spinning frame  =>  Sir Richard Arkwright

Ø Steam engine  =>  James Watt

Ø Stethoscope  =>  William Stockes

Ø Vulcanised rubber  =>  Charles Goodyear



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