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List Of Stupas In India

Stupas Stupas are the heap or hemispherical shaped place regarded as the Buddhist religious monument in the memory of Buddha. Buddhist use this place for prayer & meditation. List of Stupas In India These are the Stupas in India: Amaravati Marbles Stupa = Chennai (Tamil Nadu) Bharhut Stupa = Satna (M.P.) Belum Caves Stupa =

Commemorative Days

Some of the important days JANUARY ** 1st January = New Year Day ** 9th January = NRI Day ** 12th January = National Youth Day ** 15th January = Army Day ** 23rd January = Desh Prem Diwas ** 25th January = National Tourism Day ** 26th January = Republic Day ** 26th January

Ashok Chakra Award

Ashok Chakra Award is the India’s Highest peace time defence award for great courageous action and self-sacrifice in the peace time ( off the war ). It is the peace time award equivalent to the Param Vir Chakra Award, and is awarded


INDIA The country India was discovered by Vasco-da-Gama in the year 498, via Cape of Good Hope.The official name of our country is the ‘Republic of India’. There are many other names of India. A few of them are “Bharat, Hindustan, Bharat-varsh, Hind etc.”