Parliament of Countries

Parliaments of Some Countries 





Australia Federal parliament
Bulgaria National assembly
Canada House of commons and senate
China National people’s congress
Denmark Folketing
Egypt People’s assembly
Iceland Ailpingi
Nepal Ashtray panchayat
Norway Storing
Sweden Risksdag
United kingdom Parliament / house of Lords and house of commons)
U.S.A Congress / house of representatives and senate)
Afghanistan Shora
Bangladesh Jatia Parliament
Bhutan Tasongadu
Egypt People’s Assembly
France Parlement
Germany Bundestag
Great Britain Parliament
Hungary Országgyűlés
Iceland Althing
India Sansad
Iran Majilis
Ireland Oireachtas
Israel The Knesset
Italy Parlamento Italiano
Japan Diet
Kuwait Majlis-al-Umma
Lativa Saeima
Maldives Majilis
Malaysia Majilis
Netherlands States General / Staten-General
Norway Storting
Oman Majlis
Pakistan Majlis-e-Shoora
Poland Scym
Russia Duma
Spain Crotes
Sweden Riksdag
South Africa Parliament
Switzerland Federal Assembly
Turkey Grand National Assembly




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