How To Get Rid Of Cyber Addiction


Addiction is habbit of something which goes out of normal limit. Addictions may be because of excess drug intake, excess exercise, wrong or abnormal sexual activities etc but it can be of anything beyond normal.

Cyber addiction or Virtual addiction.

We are dependent of Computer, Internet and Mobile to prepare for our studies, office works, connecting to friends via social sites, writing studies and other information from the Internet or to work correctly and fast.

But many of us are addicted to it. Excessive use of Internet or Computer is also common nowadays. Many of us are facing problem because of this addiction.People suffering from this Virtual Addiction are experiencing both physical and mental disorders due to excessive use of Internet. It Creates problems of depression, social isolation, impulse control disorder and drug abuse.

Be Your Own Judge and Check Whether You are Addicted or Not


You are Addicted if

:: If you spend more time spent on the Internet and do not (or cannot) control .

:: Just after you wake up, You check your phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

:: You feel nervousness or anxiety  if someday dont get time to use your gadgets.

:: For you, your gadget or system is more valuable than your friends or family etc.

How to get rid of cyber addiction

:: Fix a time to use of your gadget or Internet and be strict to your own decided timetable.

:: Be active offline or in your society with your friends and family. Help them in studies or shopping ,play some outdoor games or be active in your home for household works. be active in anything no matter but away from you gadget and in such a activity which make you active physicallly as well as mentally.

:: If you feel it tough to be away from your gadget talk with your friends and family or consult a doctor.

We cannot deny Virtual or cyber dependencies, However, if it began- to disrupt your life, to spoil your sleep, create problem in relationships , or breaking friendship, then take a break for a while from the Internet .

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