The First Indian Woman

First Woman, First Female



The first indian Woman Prime Minister of India.  Indira Gandhi
The first indian Woman President of India. Pratibha patil
The first indian woman to win the Miss World title. Reita faria
The first indian woman Governor of India. Sarojini naidu
The first indian woman chief Minister. Sucheta kriplani
The first indian woman speaker of lok sabha. Meira Kumar
The first indian woman supreme court judge. Fathima beevi
The first indian woman IPS officer. Kiran bedi
The first indian woman to scale Mount Everest. Bachendri pal
The first indian woman Chief Justice of a High Court. Leila seth
The first indian woman Olympic Medal winner. Karnam malleswari
The first indian woman president of UN general Assembly. Mrs. Vijayalakshmi pandit
The first indian woman judge. Anna chandy
The first indian woman lieutenant General. Punit Arora
First Indian woman to cross Gibraltar Strait to swim Aarti Pradhan


First woman to win ‘Shati Swaroop Bhatnagar’ Prize


Aashima Chatarjee


First woman Circus player


Abda Bai Payrulakar


First Indian Women To Play English Football Aditi Chauhan


First Indian woman to visit Antarctica. Aditi Pant
First female celebrity wax statue in Europeon Museum Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


First female Indian bounce Amandeep Kaur
First female owner of a Harley Davidson Ambika Sharm
First woman to win bronze medal in Common Wealth Games for badminton Ami Ghiya-Kanwal Thakur Singh
First woman to win ‘Shahitya Academic Prize Amruta Preetam
First woman Union Minister Amrut Kuar
First Female Graphic Novelist Amruta Patil
First Indian woman to get a degree in Western medicine Anandi Gopal Joshi


First female flying officer in the Indian Air Force Anjali Gupta


First woman chair of State Bank of India Arundhati Bhattacharya
First Indian woman to win the Booker Prize


Arundhati Roy


First female advocate from India Cornelia Sorabji
First female aerobatics pilot Deepika Misra
First woman to get 100 wickets in International woman cricket. Diana Edulagee
First Indian female DJ DJ Megha Kawale


First woman heart specialist


Dr Sivaramakrishna Padmavati
First woman president of  ASSOCHAM


Dr Swati Piramal


First woman Chairperson of Indian Science Congress


Dr. Aashima Chatarjee


First woman to win Norman Borlogue Prize


Dr. Amruta Patel


First woman to live most days on Antarctica 472 days Dr. Kawal Sandhu


First actress of Indian Cinema Durgabai Kamat
First female film director of Indian cinema


Fatima Begum


First Female Crorepati at Kaun Banega Crorepati Firoz Fatma


First woman Major General in Indian Army


G. M. Ram


First woman Director general of Indian Medical Research Commission


G. V. Satyavati


First woman Graduate in Engineering


Illa Mazumdar


First female TV mogul


Indrani Mukerjea


First Badaga woman to go abroad


Indu K.Mallah


First Indian Origin woman to go into space


Kalpana Chawla


First female army captain


Lakshmi Sehgal


First female Deputy National Security Adviser




First woman officer to die in line of duty


Lt. Kiran Shekhawat


First woman boxer to win gold medal at the Olympics and First woman World Boxing Champion for five times


M C Mary Kom


First woman Musician to get ‘Bharat Ratna’ and First woman to perform in United Nations Organization


M.S. Subbulakshmi


First Indian woman to become ‘Miss Universe’


Sushmita Sen


And the list is uncountable. if you have some more names , pls share . Thanks

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