Folk dances of India

Folk dances of India

Folk dance is a traditional dance of a particular area or people.  Folk dance forms are practiced in groups in rural areas as an expression of their daily work.  It is developed by a group of people. It is performed on occasion to celebrate the arrival of seasons. On most occasions the dancers sing themselves. Each form of folk dance has a specific costume and rhythm. This form of dancing involves a group of happy people.

Each region of the country has a unique culture.


Mizoram Bamboo dance
Assam Bihu
West Bengal Brita
Orissa Chhau
Uttarakhand Choliya
Rajasthan Ghoomar
Madhya Pradesh Gondi
Punjab Gidda
Tripura Garia
Bihar Jhumeri
Andhra Pradesh Kollattam
Kerala Kaikottikali
Himachal Pradesh Naati
Uttar Pradesh Nautanki
Tamil nadu Kummi
Gujarat Rasa garba
Jammu & Kashmir Rauf
Maharashtra Tamasha
Karnataka yakshagana


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