Be a Leader

Be a Leader

A leader is the one who knows the way, moves ahead and shows the way to others. He is never the one who follows to others blindly but leads.A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions and the patience to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader but becomes one by the quality of his actions and the integrity of his intentions.


Hard work, profound dedication and encouragement towards others are the qualities that entitle an individual to be a leader. If just one person steps out and takes the lead, everybody else will follow. Leaders motivate others.

Leaders are usually the ones who ignore their own accomplishments to commend others for theirs. The leader keeps everybody’s head up at the times as they work harder and harder and more diligently towards their goals.

A leader must possess the following qualities:

  • He/she should not wait for things to happen rather take an initiative to do it himself.
  • He/she should work hard because his hard work will motivate others to work hard.
  • He/she should encourage and support others and make them feel at ease.
  • He/she should create a big vision.
  • He/she should be courageous and face doubts and uncertainties courageously.
  • He/she should be realistic.
  • He/she should accept responsibility.
  • He/she should strive for excellence.

How can you define leadership?

Leadership is nothing but guiding and showing the way to other people and helping them work together to find directions. It is all about organizing people to do work together without any conflicts. It means you can lead a group and our become the role model for your followers. Leaders often stand up for what they believe in and they think of a new ideas instead of following the old ones.

People like Mahatma Gandhi, Mustafa Kamal attaturk, George Washington has led the way for many people and proved to be able leaders. Mahatma Gandhi led the Indian war of independence and drew away the Britishers from India. George Washington, the first president of USA inspired the soldiers to fight against the Britishers and free themselves from the clutches of British colonialism. Some way, Mustafa Kamal attaturk was a great leader who fought the Turkish war of independence and introduced progressive laws to ensure freedom and liberty for his countrymen.

Friends,  learn to lead. A good leader always stands in front by taking the responsibility of the team. He guides his team and ensures that they do well. He supports his members and helps them to rectify their mistakes and sets example in terms of good conduct and performance. Moreover, he is the person who ensures that the team works in utility and healthy relation is maintened among the team members.

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