The Fundamental Duties

A set of Fundamental Duties were added in chapter IV, under Article 51A, of the Indian Constitution under the 42nd Amendment Act in the year 1976. Under this Article it will be the duty of each and every citizen of India: 1) to abide by the Constitution and to respect the National Flag and the

The Fundamental Rights

In part III of the Indian Constitution, i.e., from article 14 to 32, a list of Fundamental Rights is contained. Fundamental means ‘Basic’ and Right means ‘a moral or legal claim’. So we can say that Fundamental Rights are something which is basic to an individual and which is having a legal backing too. These

Preamble of India

Preamble of India is the brief description of the principles, aims and objectives of the Indian Constitution. It states: “WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN, SOCIALIST, SECULAR, DEMOCRATIC, REPUBLIC and to secure to its citizens JUSTICE, social, economic and political;  LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and

Schedules in the Indian Constitution

The original Indian Constitution contained 8 Schedules, but in present there are 12 Schedules in the Constitution. 4 Schedules were added later under different Amendment Acts. The Schedules are the important part of the Constitution and are generally mentioned at the end of the Constitution. The Schedules of Indian Constitution contains:

The Indian Constitution

Constitution Of India The Indian Constitution is the main governing body of our country. ‘The Indian govt.’ is run according to the rules and principles contained in it. On the one side, the Constitution contains the Fundamental rights as well as the Fundamental duties for the Indian citizens and on the other side it also


THE CONSTITUTION What is Constitution : A Constitution is a set of fundamental rules and principles according to which a state or a country or any other organization is governed. An organization gets constituted by putting all the mentioned rules and principles altogether. A Constitution is the basic design of its govt. and it may be

Books & Authors

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How To Be Happy

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