Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access

Microssover Access is a powerful DBMS developed by Microsoft. It is a component of Microsoft office. It is a relational database managements system (RDBMS) which is basically a powerful program used to manage a database, i.e., store, organize and analyze data stored in a database. A relational DBMS uses multiple tables and creates relationships between these tables.

Features of MIcrossover Access


  • Acces provides data security features and maintains integrity that is useful to make your data more consistent and reliable.
  • Acces provides the facility to create data forms so that the user can enter right information in the respective fields. It also reduces data entry errors.
  • Queries in access help you to get the information on specific topic from the information stored in the database.
  • Reports in access allow you to present the data in meaningful and summarized way.
  • Acces provides facility to break large information into small parts, so that it is easy to access the information.
  • Data redundancy means duplication of data is reduced. It also controls data inconsistency.
  • It increases the efficiency, speed and flexibility in searching and accessing information.
  • Access facilities sharing of data. Different users can use the same database to extract data according to their need.



Step 1: click on start button.

 2: click on ALL Programs.

Step 3: click on Microsoft Office.

Step 4: select Microsoft acces 2010.

Microsoft access 2010 window appears

Creating a blank Database

When you open MS-Acces 2010, backstage view of file tab appears.

To create a blank database, follow this:

Step 1: click on Blank Database option under available templates.

 2:  Enter a name for the database.

Step 3: click on create.




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