Good Manners

Good Manners,  Mannerisms

We all live in a society made up of different people. We celebrate festivals, special occasions like birthday parties or a weeding with friends, neighbours and relatives where people meet and mix, called social gatherings.

When we are in the company of other people there are certain things that we should and should not do. All these do have and don’ts are called as Manners.

Not talking loudly on the phone in public place.

Avoid talking with a mouthful of food.

When the train’s/ elevator’s door opens, allow people to exit first.

Just look at it and give it back. Do not swipe left or right on someone’s phone.

Offering seat to the elderly person/ pregnant women/ disable people.

Anything borrowed should be returned as quickly as possible.

Do not scratch your crotch in public.

Do not over share.

Do not give free advice, if not asked.

Practice saying ‘Thank you’.

Always be sorry if mistake done by you.

Keep your phone silent on the dining table.

Offer water to the door people.

Help handicapped people.

Stay classy, stay happy.

At a social gathering never does following things:

Stand only with a few friends and not meet others.

Only stand in a corner waiting for the snacks.

Prick your teeth with a toothpick or matchstick without covering your mouth.

Gossip or speak badly about a person who is not present.

Leave the party without thanking the hosts.

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