How To Lead A Healthy Life Style

Lead A Healthy Life Style

With the passage of time, our life style has also changed. In the race of life, we have gone too far to think of our health. It is rightly said health is wealth.

Before discussing the ways to lead a healthy lifestyle, we must know the term ‘Health’. It can be defined as the state of one’s being physically, mentally and economically well. Nowadays health is not only being free from diseases but also being mentally and economically well. Only wealth is not everything in one’s life rather there are many factors affecting the life of an individual.

Healthy habits are not taken care of by a majority of the people. In this techno savvy world with people running after money, there is need for some one to keep reminding us to take care of our health. Here are a few healthy habits that can be practiced in our every day life with no extra efforts, regardless of our age or gender.


Here are some tips to be kept in mind to lead a healthy life style

  • Compulsory Breakfast: The first and foremost is to eat our breakfast every morning. There is a saying like our lifetime gets reduced when we skip each breakfast. Breakfast is vital to maintain a healthy & a problem free stomach. Not only breakfast but also all types of meals are important. We must get a balanced diet.
  • Good sleep: A good sleep is absolutely necessary for a healthy body and mind. Good sleep not only means sleeping for a long time (8 hours preferably) but also sleeping with a peaceful mind. A sound peaceful sleep is essential for a good healthy life. Our body is like a machine that also needs some rest for the proper functioning of our body.
  • Drink lot of Water: Water is the best medicine for a majority of the diseases. We got to drink a lot of water every day, almost 8 glasses per day. Water helps us keep our body clean & fit.
  • Relationships: Always maintain a healthy relation with other people. This causes your mind and heart to be more fresh & peaceful. This in turn leads to a healthy life. Speak to your children or old age people at least for an hour everyday, which reduces your burden to a great extent. Healthy relations lead to a healthy life.
  • Good financial condition: In order to lead a healthy life, we must lead a wealthy life too. It helps us lead a worry free life that is very important for a healthy life style. We often find that those who are devoid of sufficient wealth suffer from a lot of problems that eat up their lives. In such adverse circumstances we can’t lead a happy life .s. In such adverse circumstances we can’t lead a happy life .
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