How To Get Internet Settings SMS in Mobile

Hi, Whenever you insert a sim card in your mobile phone, you will receive internet setting message. But some time due to network problem or network not abled to detect your phone model, you do not receive internet setting. In that case you can get internet setting by sending a SMS. Depending on your mobile network you have to write a message and send it to the desired number.

Below is the number with message you have to send :

SMS – MO to 54321

SMS – PI to 121

SMS – SET to 54671

SMS – ALL to 55100

Tata Docomo
INTERNET to 52270

SMS – VMC to 52586

If you do not get SMS you can easily access internet by adding the internet setting yourself. Know How to access internet by adding internet settings.

Thanks for reading, feedback and comment are really appreciated. and if you know about number of more operators other then mentioned above please  let us know.

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