How To Be Happy

There is no rocket science to know how to be happy. Simply be yourself.  Do everything with happiness & positive energy, work hard that’s it.

These are few simple tips to be happy always :

  • Pray & say thanks to God every morning & night for all the
  • Walk / Workout daily about 15-25 minutes .
  • Give Yourself few minutes everyday, out of this world calm cool,
    silence & alone.
  • Don’t compare Yourself to anyone. You are the best .
  • Always remember, Your happiness is in your hand only. Don’t go so deep in the past. You cannot change that. Time heal everything.
  • Invest your time in some positive work, spend time with your family & friends.
  • Don’t waste your precious time in gossips or hating someone or any argument. You cannot win in each & every arguments. Simply agree or disagree.
  • Sleep always on time. Best sleeping time is 10 PM to 4 AM.

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