FIR (First Information Report)


FIR refers to the First Information Report. It is a document in which the information about the commission of a crime is recorded. The police receive and record the information at the first point.

Any person who is aware about the offence can file an FIR. It is not compulsory that he /she be an aggrieved person. Even a police officer can file an FIR, if he comes to know about any offence.

FIR can be filled by aggrieved person or the person who is aware about the facts of the crime or the person who has seen the commitment of offence.

The FIR is the primary basis on which the information reaches the police and only after registration of the FIR, an investigation can be started by the police. It should be filled with officer- in – charge of the police station. In case of his unavailability the assistant sub inspector can also file the

To file an FIR person has to visit the police station within jurisdiction of which the cause of action arose or the offence took place. Every pieces of information relating to the commission of offence is too given to the officer in charge of the police station. If it is given orally to the officer in charge of police station. If it is given orally to the officer, he shall reduce it to writing and read it over to the informant to confirm and verify the details.

Every such information has to be signed by the informant after which it is required to be recorded by the officer in a book maintained for this purpose as prescribed by the state government. The informant is entitled to receive a copy of the FIR free of cost.

If the officer in charge of the police station refuses to record the information, you can send the substance of such information, in writing and by post to the superintendent of police (SP) concerned. The spy is required to start the investigation himself or direct any other officer subordinate to him to start the investigation.

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