Popular Dances in India

Dance of India

Dance of India is rooted to age old tradition. This vast sub-continent has given birth to varied forms of dancing, each shaped by the influences of a particular period and environment. There are many popular dances. Few of them are :


It is lively forming of folk dance that originates from Punjab. People traditionally perform this dance when celebrating the harvest.


It is the most popular folk dance of assam.The energetic dance steps and quick hand movements define the Bihu dance of Assam. But that is not all as any folk dance is incomplete without its costume and jewelry and the performers of Bihu do the traditional Assamese attire. This dance is performed usually by the young males and females to show their joy and merriment on the arrival of spring season.


This dance form of buhar is a popular folk dance full of vitality and spontaneity. It is so called because the chhau or mask Is an essential features of this art.


This dance is performed by the menfolk of the wattle tribe of Kashmir on specific occasions.


This dance is performed by women during Navratri and holi. Women clad in yellow and red attire move around a lamp kept in an earthen pot.


This dance is performed in September to celebrate the autumnal hues. The costumes are largely wollen and richly studded ornaments of silver are worn by women.


It is folk dance of Maharashtra in which the participants, usually boys and girls, comment on current social conditions.


It is a popular dance in which lacquered sticks are used. Both men and women participate in it with equal zeal.


This dance is performed by women and young girls on family and festive occasion. The girl and women form a circle, witj one of their numver in the centre.


This dance is performed in the bundelkhand area of madhya Pradesh. It is essentially a harvest dance-reflecting yhe gaiety and pleasure of the peasants who have reaped a good harvest.

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