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Although the universe has been expanding since the initial Big Bang, inflation refers to the hypothesis that, for a very short time, the universe expanded at a sharply increasing rate, rather than at the decreasing rate it followed before inflation and has followed since. By some calculations, inflation increased the size of the universe by


  ACQUIRED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY SYNDROME (AIIDS) is the most devastating and fatal disease of the 21st century. It is a viral disease caused by the human immune deficiency virus (HIV). what makes it different from other viruses is that ,it strikes  at the body’s own defence machinery ( the immune system )that constantly fights the

Acid Rain

Acid Rain It is a phenomenon caused by industrial pollution .natural rain always contain a small amount of dissolved carbon-dioxide which makes it slightly acidic .But large-scale burning of coal or oil in industries ,power plants and vehicles produce  large amount of gases such as sulphur- dioxide,nitrogen oxide etc, which are released into atmoshphere .These

Important Helpline Numbers

Important Helpline Number   100 Police 101 Fire 102 Ambulance 103 Traffic Police 1031 Anti Corruption Helpline 1033 Emergency Relief Centre on National Highways 104 State level helpline for Health 104 Hospital On Wheels 1066 Anti-poison 1070 Central Relief Commissioner for Natural Calamities 1070 Relief Commissioners of Central/State/Union territory 1071 Air Accident 1072 Train accident

Gross Domestic Product

Gross Domestic Product Gross domestic Product measures the aggregate production of final goods and services taking place within the domestic economy during year. GDP is value of all services produced within the country  plus value of all goods produced within the country. The total market value of all final goods and services produced in a

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Global Positioning System(GPS)  The Global Positioning System(GPS)  is a satellite based navigation system  which made up of a network  of satellites placed into orbit by the US department of defense. It was originally intended for military application in 1980s the government made the system available for civilians use. GPS works 24 hour  a day ,in


ISRO The Indian Space Research Organisation   is the space agency of the Indian government headquartered in the city of Bangalore. Its vision is to “harness space technology for national development”, while pursuing space science research and planetary exploration. Indian Space Research Organisation, formed in 1969. The establishment of ISRO thus institutionalised space activities in India.

FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)

FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) FDI means investment of foreign company. In India many foreign country invest and it provides many opportunity. It brings lots of opportunity for a young generation. It is very important for developing country. India is the 2nd largest population country in the world. But India has more poverty. Our economic is

World Wide Web

WWW (World Wide Web) WWW stands for World Wide Web. A technical definition of the World Wide Web is: all the resources and users on the Internet that are using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). A broader definition comes from the organization that Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee helped found, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The World Wide Web is the

Popular Dances in India

Dance of India Dance of India is rooted to age old tradition. This vast sub-continent has given birth to varied forms of dancing, each shaped by the influences of a particular period and environment. There are many popular dances. Few of them are : Bhangra It is lively forming of folk dance that originates from