ACQUIRED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY SYNDROME (AIIDS) is the most devastating and fatal disease of the 21st century. It is a viral disease caused by the human immune deficiency virus (HIV). what makes it different from other viruses is that ,it strikes  at the body’s own defence machinery ( the immune system )that constantly fights the vast array of microbial enemies invading our bodies. the virus may remain dormant upto 10 years until some event activates it. On awakening ,it disarms the immune system .With its main line of defence shattered ,the body now falls easy prey to even the common infecting agents that it would otherwise ward off . the patient usually dies of these infections.

HIV spreads from an infected person to a healthy person through body fluids.Sexual transmission of AIIDS is very common .Age of the virus from infected mother to unborn baby are other ways by which the virus spreads.

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