Acid Rain

Acid Rain

It is a phenomenon caused by industrial pollution .natural rain always contain a small amount of dissolved carbon-dioxide which makes it slightly acidic .But large-scale burning of coal or oil in industries ,power plants and vehicles produce  large amount of gases such as sulphur- dioxide,nitrogen oxide etc, which are released into atmoshphere .These gases rise up with air currents any may be carried by prevailing winds many hundred of kilometer away from their source.

Under favourable conditions they react with water vapour and oxygen in the atmoshphere to produce Sulphuric acid and nitric acids which eventually come down with rain ,snow and fog . compared to a PH of around 6 for normal rain ,acid rain have a PH of 4.5 or less .Studies have shown that acid rain cause considerable damage to vegetation,trees and marine life.As the gases resposible for causing acid rains are often produced in one country and acid rain fall in another damaging flora and marine life ,it has become a cause of concern to all countries.the countries worst affected by acid rain are southern SWEDEN,NORWAY,Part of central Europe and eastern region of north America.Most European countries are therefore making effort too reduce sulphur emission by their industries and power plants.

it’s not the resposibility of one nation or a community to fight with this kind of natural calamity but to all the mankind.

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