How To Set Your Goals

Setting Goals

The most important objective of setting goals is that it gives you a clear focus and aim.

Goals are the fuel that drive your ambition and teaches you to pursue your dreams.

This not only helps you to manage your time efficiently but also helps you to prioritize your work in such a way that you meet your targets. To save time sufficiently to spend it on important tasks, we need to know how to say ‘no’. sometimes due to other work also we don’t able to perform our work. We start depending on other and as a result not achieve our goals. So we must know to neglect other things and focus only on own.

It doesn’t mean that ignore or harsh other people. Never harm to other to fulfilled your dream. Might other person say ou are selfish and many more but when you achieve then people will say you had good managing power. They will appreciate you all the time.

Be smart worker.

  • Specific − goals must describable in figures and number
  • Mentionable − goals should invoke a sense of pride on mentioning it to friends.
  • Achievable − goals must be achievable.
  • Reflective − goals should be fulfilling a personal need or ambition.
  • Timely − goals should be achieved within a set time-frame.


To achieve goal, you need P3. P3 i.e p cube will help you for to achieve your goal. P3 are:

  • Positivity− Your goals need to produce a positive, encouraging energy when you think about them. Always have positive think. Good thinking always lead to success. Positive thinking help to motivate yourself and then achieve your goal.
  • Personal− You need to be personally attached to your goals.  It is important to realize your dream and feel for it.
  • Planning− Your goals shouldn’t be too far-fetched., it should be a gettable or achievable goal. Make plan before executing. It may possible you go far away from yopur goal if not have proper planning.



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