Majors Wars Of The World

World Wars



Some major wars:

Major wars


Principal combatant
Wars of the roses( 1455-85) York v Lancaster
English civil war(1642-51) Crown v parliament
Seven years wars(1756-63) Australia, Russia, france, Sweden, Afghanistan, Poland v Prussia, Britain, Portugal.
Napoleonic wars( 1792-1815) Britain, Austria, Russia, Sweden v France
Korean war( 1959-53) North Korea( with Chinese aid) v south Korea ( with USA aid)
World war I( 1914-19) Allies v Germany and others
Crimean war( 1953-56) Russia v turkey, Britain, france, Sardinia
World war II( 1939-45) Allies v Germany and others
Vietnam war( 1955-75) North Vietnam v south Vietnam( with US aid)
Gulf war( 1991) Iraq v Allied forces
War on terror(2001) USA and allies v al-Qaeda, Taliban in Afghanistan
Iraq war(2003) USA v allies v Iraq

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