FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)

FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)

FDI means investment of foreign company. In India many foreign country invest and it provides many opportunity. It brings lots of opportunity for a young generation. It is very important for developing country.

India is the 2nd largest population country in the world. But India has more poverty. Our economic is very low, so for increase our economy condition it is very important. FDI give opportunity to Indian job seekers to get the job.

FDI in India is very good Idea and a lot of opportunity for a young generation. It is very important for a nation to make its health sound in every sphere. By this unemployment problem can be solve. Also it gives change to increase or enhance the Indian product at international level. Indian products can directly sold by foreign industries.

Farmers are producing grain by use modern technology, many shopping malls are seeing in our country now, where we get all things in only one shop which is only by FDI.

FDI systems can provide:

1. Employability.
2. We can get a no. of variety product.
3. It will increase the value of the place.
4. Overall it will change the outer layer of India.


FDI will bring new investment, new technology, and new business to our country and also it will help in economic development of our country and also it will increase the quality of our life.

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