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Books & Their Authors

List Of Books And Authors

List Of Books And Authors

We have added List of books and authors on this page. This is a compiled list of famous books and famous author. View list of books and authors.

Books & Their Authors List
Books & Authors

List Of Books And Authors

1Arthashastra:     Kautilya
2Bhagvad Gita:     Ved Vyas
3Anandmath:     Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
4Wings of Fire:     Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam
5Ignited Minds:     Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
6The Scientific India:     Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam & Y.S. Rajan
7The Rivered Earth:     Vikram Seth
8Golden Gate:     Vikram Seth
9A Suitable Boy:     Vikram Seth
10An Equal Music :     Vikram Seth
11Area of Darkness :     V.S. Naipal
12A House of Mr. Biswar:     V.S. Naipal
13A Million Mutinies Now:     V.S. Naipal
14A Bend in the River:     V. S. Naipal
15In a Free State:     V. S. Naipal
16A Prisoner’s Scrapbook:     Lal Krishna Adwani
17My Country My Life:     Lal Krishna Adwani
18A Train to Pakistan:     Khushwant Singh
19Songs of Gurus:     Khushwant Singh
20The God of Small Things:     Arundhati Roy
21Listening to Grasshopper:     Arundhati Roy
22Broken Republic:     Arundhati Roy
23The Shape of the Beast:     Arundhati Roy
243 Mistakes of My Life:     Chetan Bhagat
25Revolution 2020:     Chetan Bhagat
265 Point Some One:     Chetan Bhagat
272 States, the Story of My Marriage:     Chetan Bhagat
28Affluent Society:     Kiran Desai
29The Inheritance of Loss:     Kiran Desai
30A strange and subline address:     Amit Chaudhary
31Afternoon Raag:     Amit Chaudhari
32The Immortals:     Amit Choudhary
33Long Walk To Freedom:     Nelson Mandela
34Conversations with Myself:     Nelson Mandela
35I Dare:     Kiran Bedi
36What When Wrong:     Kiran Bedi
37The Nights of Star:     Shobha Dey
38Snapshots:     Shobha Dey
39The Road ahead:     Bill Gates
40Business @ the Speed of Thought:     Bill Gates
41Dream of My Father:     Barak Obama
42The Audacity of Hope:     Barak Obama
43You Can Win:     Shiv Khera
44U Can Sell:     Shiv Khera
45Goodbye Shahzadi:     Shyam Bhatia
46Contemporary Afghanistan:     Shyam Bhatia
47The Grand Design:     Stephan Hawking
48A Brief History of Time:     Stephen Hawkins
49Ain-i-Akbari:     Abul Fazal
50Amar Kosh:     Amar Singh
51Amrit Aur Vish:     Amrit Lal Nagar
52Nitish Kumar and the Rise of Bihar:     Arun Sinha
53A village by the sea:     Anita Desai
54Freedom from Fear:     Aung San Syu Ki
55The White Tiger:     Arvind Adiga
56The Mine:     Arnab Ray
57Daughter of the East:     Benazir Bhutto
58Timeless Mind:     Deepak Chopra
59The Hero of Changing World- Barak Obama:     Dr. R.K. Dubey
60An Idealist View of life:     Dr. S. Radhakrishan
61A River Sutra:     Gita Mehra
62Decision Point:     George Bush
63A sense of time:     H.S.Vatsyayan
64The Score of My Life:     Jubin Mehta
65The NameSake:     Jhumpa Lehri
66My China Diary:     K. Natwar Singh
67Straight from My Heart:     Kapil Dev
68In The Name Of the People:     K.R. Narayanan
69Agni Veena:     Kazi Nazrul Islam
70Between the Lines:     Kuldip Nayyar
71Non-Stop India:     Mark Tully
72Towards A Hunger Free World:     M. S. Swaminathan
73Mother Teresa:     Naveen Chawlaa
74A Passage to England:     Nirad C.Chodhury
75A voice for freedom:     Nayantara Sehgal
76A Better World:     N. R. Narayan Murti
77In the Line of Fire – Autobiography:     Parwez Musharraf
78India in the Near Millennium:     P. C. Alexander
79Golden Girl:     P. T. Usha
80My Day:     R. K. Narayanan
81A Dark Anatomy:     Robin Blake
82Sonia Gandhi: An Extraordinary Life, an Indian Destiny:     Rani Singh
83A brush with life:     Satish Gujral
84Midnight Children:     Salman Rushdi
85India Battles to Win:     Tarun Vijay
86Indian and the Golden Financial Crisis:     Y. V. Reddy


Hi, Apart from this list you can write other book & their author name in comment box if you are aware of.. This will definitely help  students to prepare for their general knowledge paper.

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